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#55 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #55


It’s strange that even though we know that bodies on Instagram are edited, the face is redone by a filter, and miracle products don’t work so miraculously, we still compare, follow, and secretly, sometimes not so secretly, envy each other. What is happening to us? 🙂

Marketing and media

#1 Gucci is launching an academy for e-sports players. Gucci, get it?

#2 Present like a PRO. You can learn this thanks to tips from experienced strategists from BBH.

#3 Gen Z is currently most interested in these apps. Among them, one specialty – a combination of TikTok and Tinder. You choose your partner based on videos.

#4 90% of America’s top brands (with an average advertising budget of $50 million) recognize a mismatch between their creative and media strategy. Oh, when are we going to start doing things the right way?

#5 Whoah! The rumors are true. Sheryl Sandberg is leaving META. The Verge summarizes why and what it means for this controversial company.

#6 This kind of marketing won’t disappear… “I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I’ve stepped in to help with my greatest asset,” says Kim Kardashian. “My taste.” Her fans noticed right away that Kim doesn’t even take a bite.


#1 Who hasn’t noticed yet… In Texas, you can’t own more than six vibrators. What about guns? As many as you want.

#2 Who uses “na stráž” as a greeting? Who wants to hang people or gas them? You can find the answers on Blbec.online, on which 15 Slovaks are already working.

#3 These ten employers pay for their employees’ vacations. Oh, will this be the new standard?

#4 Are you interested in any statistics about Bratislava? Opendata is where you can find everything.

#5 The most beautiful documentary I’ve seen recently. Andy Warhol’s Diaries presents not only the artist but the era in which he lived, with everything that belonged to his noble life.

#5 Najkrajší dokument za posledné obdobie. Andy Warhol Diaries neprezentuje iba umelca, ale dobu, v ktorej žil, so všetkým, čo k jeho noblesnému životu patrilo.

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