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#62 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #62


There is another series on the popular streaming service that discusses the story of a serial killer. Western culture’s fixation on these people fascinates me. How we study them and sometimes even admire their thought processes. As if they have more on their minds than we do. The true crime genre is more popular than ever, and when you look at the numbers of perceived and actual crime, you realize that people are slowly becoming afraid to go out. What do I mean by that? Only that in our industry we have responsibility for what we put in the cultural spotlight.

Marketing and media

#1 Cannes Lions released a creativity report. It’s free and full of good advice, insights and lessons on how to do better at what we do. Must read for “advertisers”.

#2 Starbucks (that knows a thing or two about loyalty programs) has announced details of how they are integrating Web 3.0 into loyalty, another example of blockchain becoming more widespread and mainstream. FYI Starbucks has over $1 billion in stored value in loyalty cards.

#3 Tinder Launches “SwipeMart” in Japan. This adults-only pop-up will match you with the right snack for you. Quite a nice way to dramatize the brand proposition and bring it to the offline environment.

#4 Gifs are cringe and for boomers. Giphy admits that too. Do you feel old already?

#5 BBH Labs writes about how heavy metal is getting back into the center of youth culture.

#6 An interesting look at lifestyle brandy and a really good analysis of what we all saw around us in the 2010’s. Is there life after lifestyle?


#1 Mental health is becoming a mainstream topic. In this excellent article, the psychologist says that perhaps it can be looked at differently. “I’m a psychologist – and I believe we’ve been told devastating lies about mental health.”

#2 We don’t often post lists from BuzzFeed, but this one is really cool. A list of books that people keep recommending.

#3 Instagram works to ensure that you do not receive D**K picks in your inbox, that is, those that you do not want to receive.

#4 Churches use invasive phone monitoring technology to discourage “sinful” behavior. Some Software Sees More Than Assembly Members Realize – Shameware.

#5 The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things

Popular content of the month: The Kardashians are back!

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