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#51 Connecting
the dots

Connecting the dots #51

Easier, better

Why do we expect so much from people, customers, and beings? Whether it’s complex customer journeys or simple things like good behavior on the internet.

Marketing and media

#1 The Metaverse hasn’t even started yet, and it’s already full of sexual harassment. One would think that we would’ve learned, but probably not.

#2 TikTok can become Google’s most significant competitor… supposedly 🙂

#3 When a John Lewis ad is mentioned, everyone can think of at least one legendary classic. In On Strategy, there is an excellent hour-long retrospective on how they are created.

#4 I love gaming campaigns. Everyone knows that. 🙂 This time, Heinz will tell you the top hiding places in Call Of Duty.

#5 It’s challenging to write efficiently. Marketingexamples.com will help you with this.

#6 Top hot fonts for 2022. And completely free. Download.

#7 I enjoy the Pitvertising campaign for Rexona!


#1 Work outside the office is starting to shape new ways of functioning for companies. And this trend already has a name – donut effect. Fun fact: 49% of millennials and Gen Z would rather quit their job than return to the office full-time.

#2 What comes first – happiness or success? Innovative scientists mapped more than a million people for five years to find the answer.

#3 Let the dogs out! Mark your calendars, BRAK festival is coming this May.

#4 LOL. Where did it all start, and what does this acronym mean nowadays?

#5 What was the ratio of women to men in the non-acting categories of this year’s Oscars? The worst in the last three years.

That’s it for today. Smile more. It helps. 😊