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#53 Connecting
the dots

Connecting the dots #53

Manifest or work?

Sixteen billion views on TikTok, a song by Ariana Grande, and an extreme rise in searches. Supposedly if we think very strongly about success – manifest it, we will achieve it. As Carrie Bradshaw would say: Just like that. No hard work. 🙂

Marketing and media

#1 We’ve all (almost) been waiting for this! Everything you need to know about the new app is that it encourages users to be themselves.

#2 Our favorite festival, NUDGESTOCK 2022, is back and FREE. Register to hear the most prominent marketing minds and their views on sustainable marketing.

#3 CLIO AWARDS have been handed out, so hurry up, creatives. Inspiration could not come in a more straightforward form.

#4 The newly leaked document from META proves that Facebook has no idea where, how, and which data it sold to third parties. If I could curse in this newsletter, I would say that it is pretty scary sh*t.

#5 And to add fuel to the fire… A new study found that targeting on FB is only accurate 30% of the time.

#5 A ešte prilejem olej do ohňa… Nová štúdia zistila, že cielenie na FB je správne iba v 30 % prípadoch.

#6 This is so nice. Creativity is what sets us apart from other species.


#1 Did Metaverse finally do something good? Epic Games and Xbox raised $144 million to help Ukraine.

#2 This guy analyzed the careers of 250 millionaires to find out what you should do to get rich.

#3 New term on the dating scene – roaching is a bad, bad thing.

#4 WOW. Did you know that flight attendants only get paid for the flight itself and not for the “boarding” process? Perhaps this is the answer to why they are often so unkind.

#5 TOP sandwiches in the world. I already know what I will have for dinner for the next 50 days.

Popular content of the month: Can you guess which countries have the best work-life balance and which have the worst?

That would be enough for May. Go outside, to a park, or for a drink.