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#57 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #57

Why do we forcefully seek sensations?

Have you noticed that if you read the same news on a foreign website versus a Slovak one, there is a particular disparity in the degree of negativity? If you haven’t noticed it yet, I guarantee you will see it more often from now on.

Marketing and media

#1 We forgot one more link when talking about Cannes. Campaigns that won Young Lions, full of energy, desire to work hard, and find bold solutions.

#2 What are the most valuable global brands in 2022? Seven out of ten are on the U.S. market. Number one is a brand whose product you probably own.

#3 FACT: Rising inflation reduces people’s willingness to pay for healthy food alternatives. Simply, money talks.

#4 Just because you’re not doing it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. See how TikTok “beats” other social media networks in the number of minutes per day.

#5 They say that the Alfa generation is entirely different. In addition to consuming content differently, they also took a different approach to something as simple as buying toys.

#6 You won’t believe which brand has the best Twitter account. This one.

#7 Kate Moss became the creative director of Diet Coke. For real, I’m not lying!

#8 Even your virtual metaverse-self can meditate. I have officially seen everything.


#1 In Great Britain, they released an anti-hangover pill. £1 each. Pretty good, right?

#2 One crisis after another. This time around, another food may be soon off the menu. If you’re a Gen Z or millennial, there’s a chance you have it on your menu.

#3 Experts came to a conclusion. The drink of the summer is Dirty Shirley.

#4 “How to change your mind” is your “next pick” on Netflix. Michael Pollan tells experts and non-experts why even people you wouldn’t expect sometimes do drugs.

#5 In The Sims, you can now choose an affection for any gender. We are moving forward!

Positive news of the month:
Endangered mammals are returning to the wild en masse. Beavers made the most remarkable population comeback. In the first half of the 20th century, only a few thousand beavers remained in Europe. Today there are more than 330,000 of them.

See you in two weeks