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#58 Connecting
the dots

Connecting the dots #58

Where to look?

The popular opinion is that we should look within ourselves and find who we really are.

As if we were an onion, the core is the true self, the source of creativity. But I think the answer lies somewhere else. In reality, we are just a reflection of everything we see, with something added on top.

Therefore, do not be afraid to look, read, listen and perceive anything.

(P.S.: Have you seen the new Kardashians yet?)

Marketing and media

#1 Christmas is in the air, at least for those of us working in advertising. If you are in the process of creating a campaign, here are some tips from System1 on how to make it more effective.

#2 5 brands that break stereotypes about women’s health. The Drum highlighted works from Bodyform, Canesten, Dame, Elvie, and Vagina Museum.

#3 Meta (alias Facebook) reports a decrease in revenue for the first time in history. Meta is doing everything possible to rip TikTok off, cutting budgets and laying people off. It’s incredible how TikTok rules everything. The numbers of viewers speak for themselves. 👇🏻

#4 Speaking of Meta, Instagram is bringing back its old algorithm.

#5 Saddest thing I’ve seen lately. People are not well. More than 40% of people experience high daily stress levels, and 330 million adults go two weeks without speaking to a family member or friend.

#6 Paywall is not the only way to be profitable for a newspaper like the Guardian. I applaud. 👏🏻


#1 Your kids are not doomed. Has the world been so bad throughout human history that our ancestors should not have allowed us to live? If not, then nothing in our near future looks so dire as to make procreation immoral.

#2 Why do we laugh? Psychologists, neuroscientists, and philosophers are trying to understand humor.

#3 Remember the mass resignation, aka The Great Resignation? It seems that up to a quarter of people already regret leaving.

#4 Bookstores on the rise. In recent years, bookstores are experiencing a great revival. Their diversity is what’s interesting. People want recommendations from real people who understand them.

#5 On this page, you can calculate how much money the patriarchy owes you.

Popular content of the month: The president with the best taste in music made another summer playlist.

Stay healthy, friends. Monča is up next.