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#60 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #60


In the past few weeks, people have been talking and writing about AI image generators and what they can do. A few graphic designers have already wondered if they will have jobs in a few years. And that’s only the beginning.

I’m looking forward to it because as long as we benefit from what we are good at as humans, which are feelings and irrationality, we are irreplaceable.

Marketing and media

#1  Heinz Vintage Drip. Heinz, one of my favorite brands, did it again. They dropped a collection of vintage clothes from famous brands with one common feature; all the pieces had a ketchup stain because “a stain isn’t a reason to get rid of clothes, it just adds flavor to your ‘fit!”

#2 Sites with excellent copy. We like it when brands communicate like people; here are a few examples of what we mean. These websites sound like everyday adult conversations with another human being.

#3 Expected decline in ad revenue. Inflation, supply chain issues, and other factors slow advertising spending growth. Advertisers like Meta, Twitter, and Snap are reporting declines. On the positive side, this is a slowdown in growth, not a dramatic decrease.

#4 Typoposter library. “When you don’t know what to do, make a typography poster.” Not valid for this gallery of great typo posters. Loads of inspiration.

#5 3D billboards. You must have heard about 3D billboards. You can find them all together on this blog, explaining how it works.

#6 Serena x Beyoncé. This week, the work that caught my eye is an ode to Serena Williams with a voiceover by Beyoncé. What more do you need? 👇🏻


#1 Millenial pause. It is happening. Gen Z mocks millennials. One of these moments is the millennial pause. That brief moment when you turn on the video and check if it’s actually rolling. 🤯

#2 Last time, we wrote about quiet quitting. The topic resonated on the internet and many follow-up articles were created. It’s interesting how this topic resonates, even in our private conversations.

#3 How to be influenced. You’ve definitely heard us talk about how great it is to be influenced in your work. How can this be done in a systematic and controlled manner?

#4 Excel World Championship? We love esports, but this is on a whole another level.

#5 What is fun? NYTimes on how to watch entertainment.

Popular content of the month: 90’s TV

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