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#71 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #71

Where did the social media innovations go?

I don’t even remember the last time there was a new social media format I couldn’t wait to use. From interactive stories to filters to guides and shopping. Can social medial come up with something to attract brands, or will they slowly die out?

Marketing and media

#1 Social media do one thing very well – analyse their users. In the latest 2023 Culture rising trend report, you can find info about what really matters to the 3.7 billion people using them. This report has one of the most extensive relevant samples and is worth looking into. It allows you to look into the soul of the world.

#2 BeReal ends before marketers could make a case on We did the first campaign in SR/CZ on BeReal. Or not? DigiDay has answers.

#3 ChatGPT is packed with insights. All you have to do is ask the right questions. Julian Cole showed us how it’s done in a recent Twitter thread. Take a look at what the most popular Ai came up with.

#4 We all copy stuff sometimes. I mean, get inspired by the work of others. But if we mistake inspiration for repeating generic patterns, the communication becomes dull and not original. Vikki Ross shows how big brands use the most generic copywriting ever.

#5 Chill out, no one’s dying. A funny site shows us marketers that sometimes we take things too seriously.

#6 Interesting points, plus one presentation from the 2023 Czech online Expo.

#7 The regular YouTube link won’t show an interesting campaign but an interview. The founder of AdContratian, Bob Hoffman, describes scams in online ads.


#1 Where will everyone who got fired from META and Google go? To ChatGPT, of course. Checkmate!

#2 Information is beautiful is a gorgeous infographics web. Highly recommend.

#3 Don’t underestimate the power of Slovak/Czech brands. Voyo showed us they can grow even next to big players like Netflix and Disney. This streaming service just reached 500k subscribers, and it’s the most-known service in Slovakia.

#4 This should’ve been an Oscar! Yet it’s not. If you’ve already seen all the relevant nominated movies, try ones that did not make it into the nominations, but according to The New Yorker, they definitely should have.

#5 Sober curious and mindful drinking – remember these words. Gen Z will remind us of them more and more often.

A bit longer but worth it: 70% of Slovaks believe the government helps Ukrainians more than us.

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