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#72 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #72

Gen Z, millennials’ dream come true

One thought inevitably comes to mind when reading reports and statistics about Gen Z and their approach to life. Gen Z is the fulfilment of the millennials’ dream. All the topics that were just abstract thoughts in our heads are for Gen Z, a regular part of their lives. Topics like activism, ambition, interest in money, and relationships are now on a different level, and I am pleased about it.

Keep on keepin’ on!

Marketing and media

#1 Last year, Amazon sold nearly $40 billion worth of advertising space – more than Prime, more than the entire newspaper industry, and it was probably more profitable than AWS. Something that appears like a “side hustle” dominates Amazon’s cash flow.

#2 It was International Women’s Day. In 2022, men were 73% more likely to be cast in commercials than women compared to the previous year and 30% more often in leadership roles. Women were cast 46% more often in domestic roles and 3.6% more often in family situations. Let’s show women in inspiring parts if we want to celebrate them.

#3 While talking about women, this great Twitter bot maps the differences between genders in the average hourly wage. Bim

#4 In 2023, TikTok made $205 million more revenue from IAP (in-app purchases) than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter combined. We may see alternative ways to make money on social media besides advertising.

#5 P&G is one of the largest advertisers in the world. How do they approach communication in 2023? What are the fundamental principles to ensure their growth and reach? This great LI post describes it in detail.


#1 Guess when this picture was taken. That’s how this page works. It’s interactive, fun and addicting. 

#2 The AI ​​goldrush has begun. Over the past few days, I’ve been most interested in Perplexity, which lists the sources it used to formulate its answers. Source verification is a dimension I was missing in Chat GPT.

#3 Although it often doesn’t seem like it, things are getting better. In the long run, things are getting better, but newspaper tabloidisation and social media algorithms often keep us from realising it.

#4 Using AI, Angelo Renna travels back in search of older life forms connected to humanity. MidJourney shows what animals would look like if they didn’t go extinct.

#5 One of the jobs that will be extra appealing for AI is prompt engineering. How does it work? 

#6 Succes ≠ satisfaction.

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