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#88 Connecting
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Connecting the Dots #88

Bye Bye 2023

It’s almost unbelievable, but it’s here. The end of the year. We’re all exhausted, a bit delulu, and ready to leave for the holidays. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you to truly relax and devote yourself to things that will bring you joy, and maybe a few links in this newsletter will bring that, too.

Marketing and media

#1 The end of the year = reports, trends, and predictions. On this link, you will find a drive with numerous useful documents for the year 2024. Enjoyable reading for gaining inspiration for a strong start to the coming year.

#2 Every year, Benedict Evans publishes a presentation on the main technological trends and every year, it is full of useful data about where we are. This year’s presentation is on the topic of AI and is very insightful.

#3 Threads are finally in Europe! After their official launch in March 2023, we have them here too. I’m curious how marketers in our latitudes will utilize them. The potential is great.

#4 The Verge did a mini-series of articles on how Elon managed to sink a brand valued at about 4 billion dollars. R. I. P., Twitter, I loved you.

#5 Take a look at how one of the biggest pop culture moments of this year was created, the Barbie movie. They discuss cinematography, music, makeup, styling, and editing.

#6 From time to time, there’s an article here about how Gen Z does something differently than we were used to, this time about how they consume news. Creators on TikTok, like Kelsey Russell, show what they learn each day in the print version of the NYT.

#7 Google Search is 25 years old. (Do you feel old yet?) They made a very cool video for the anniversary. 👇


#1 Do you remember the fuss about how students will just cheat now that ChatGPT is here? It turns out that’s not the case. AI is still a technology that is in the overhype phase of application to real life and is somehow overrated by tech bros and marketers. Will AI change the world? Yes. Will it happen quickly? Slower than we might think. (btw. In the UK, they have allowed the use of ChatGPT in courts.)

#2 The Guardian dropped a list of the best books of this year. The best books were also ranked on Goodreads. Do you make reading lists at the beginning of the year?

#3 New Yorker makes great end-of-year lists every year. We’re putting movies here, but also check out the other rankings..

#4 An Ode To Forever. An endless feed of beautiful images. That’s all, and it’s enough.

#5 Crying once a week is healthy. That is the basis of this beautiful website, which offers you an emotionally powerful scene from a generically famous movie. Have a cry, it’s good for you.

Popular content of the month – Culture Study podcast. The very first episode interestingly analyzes the evolution of the clothes we wear.

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