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#90 Connecting
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Connecting the Dots #90

One-Hit Wonder

Here’s one amazing statistic. Out of 70,000 musicians, a whopping 93 percent have never had a hit single. Of the remaining 7 percent who have recorded a hit, nearly half have only one successful single to their credit. Instead of considering these cases a failure, we should celebrate them. These one-hit wonder artists are among the top 7% most successful musicians.

Marketing and media

#1 There’s one thing I always look forward to in January. The META Trending Trends: 2024. META Trends are the sum of all the year’s trends – an annual meta-analysis that answers the question: What are the most frequently mentioned trends in the 70+ global cultural reports?

#2 We like to discuss on our reviews, as well as in general, that social media are basically a competitor to traditional search engines. Here’s an article from Adobe on how to use TikTok as a search engine

#3 The popular brand IKEA is launching a new collection made from old uniforms of its workers. A Cool idea and totally on brand. I applaud this.

#4 What’s going on with Boeing? The Boeing 737 Max saga, as detailed by James Surowiecki, reveals a frightening decline in quality and safety standards. The once admired corporate giant now faces a turbulent future.

#5 TikTok is beginning to resemble YouTube. The Chinese social network is testing 30-minute videos.

#6 Netflix signs a deal with WWE. Netflix makes gangster moves among streaming services. BTW, I think stream x live sports will be a big topic this year.


#1 Hello Kitty turns 50. Hello Kitty isn’t just a cute symbol, it’s a capitalist colossus that has dominated culture for 50 years.

#2 How do you turn anything into soup? Do I need to say more?

#3 Inequality in the home starts in childhood. This isn’t just a story about house chores, it’s a searing revelation of how we create inequality between the sexes from a young age. Girls sweat at housework while boys rest, a distorted miniature picture of an unequally divided world of work.

#4 How the Seven Nation Army dominated the world of sports. Seven Nation Army isn’t just a song, it’s a cultural earthquake that’s been shaking sports arenas around the world since 2003. From bars in Milan to global stadiums, this tune has become the heartbeat of sports fans, proving that a catchy tune can be more powerful than any marketing campaign.

#5 Biggest hacks in the history of the internet.

#6 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approves a bitcoin ETF. A big step in the process of legitimizing crypto in the public eye. Check out this beautifully crafted page.

#7 We have a new trend. People are sharing videos on TikTok as they get fired.