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#94 Connecting
the Dots

Connecting the Dots #94

Optimize everything

We see the cult of optimization, personified by people like Huberman, everywhere. From microdosing, to calorie charts, to adjusting testosterone and blood element levels. This quest for a “better me” is reminiscent of anti-social, anti-health dogmatism, focused on filling out spreadsheets. Although health information has its value, by measuring and ranking every aspect of our existence, we risk suppressing the essence of a good life.

Marketing and media

#1 Delloite media trends. There is talk of a shift. This transition requires companies to meet changing demographics by embracing technological innovation and promoting more inclusive content.

#2 TV is still king, says Peter Field. This study examines 10 years of efficiency data from the IPA along with other studies to conclude that the relationship between TV and efficiency is growing in today’s media context.

#3 Google is considering charging for advanced AI-based search features.

#4 Beyoncé has a new album (as I’m sure you are aware). There’s a song about Levi’s on it. The stock is up 20%. The unexpected collaboration not only increased the market value of Levi’s, but also highlighted the cultural relevance of the brand.

#5 Sorrell on AI. Predicted that AI will cater to many traditional roles in media planning and buying, and suggested that agencies should focus on the tasks of verifying the results of AI and platforms. Sorrell identified key areas of AI influence: rapid content creation, personalized marketing, algorithm-driven media strategies, streamlined processes between clients and agencies, and improved internal knowledge sharing.

#6 Women’s sport are on a rise. Women’s sports have recorded a significant rise. They’re breaking new ground with the expansion of leagues, and with record viewership and significant investment not only in the U.S. but around the world. Highlights include the expansion of the National Women’s Soccer League, the most-watched WNBA season in two decades, and record ratings for women’s college basketball.

#7 Tesla wants to develop a “Robotaxi” (for real this time). Tesla hasn’t produced a new car in 5 years. It had a bad year on the stock market, last year it was the worst performing S&P 500 company.

#8 For AI, even the internet is already small. In response to the lack of data to train on, as the rich resources of the internet dwindle, AI companies are turning to non-traditional data sources. And that includes AI-generated “synthetic data,” despite debates over its reliability.


#1 Lithuania has become the happiest country for young people. According to Gallup World Poll analysis, it tops the ranking for people under the age of 30.

#2 Gmail is celebrating 20 years since its inception. (Feel old yet?) Google has updated Gmail over the years, but the basic service remains similar. It serves more as a digital archive and “passport” for our online activities than as a tool for daily communication.

#3 The Japanese reacted a little differently to the Oppenheimer movie. The film, which does not include the Japanese perspective or the consequences of the bombing, has sparked debate among Japanese viewers and critics.

#4 This article is about people who can appreciate the beauty of such a simple thing as a branch. Logan Jugler and Boone Hogg, two friends who have turned their “joke” about branch reviews into a social media phenomenon and have captivated a specific community on Instagram, Official Stick Reviews.

#5 River is a visual connection engine where you can get lost for a while.

#6 Spotify is testing generating custom playlists based on text prompts.

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