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#97 Connecting
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Connecting the Dots #97

Innovation is overrated

Apple did it again. In a world where innovation is often celebrated as the ultimate goal, Apple reminds us that sometimes being second is better. Instead of rushing to be first, Apple waits. It watches and then delivers user-friendly solutions. Tesla didn’t invent the electric car and Visa didn’t create the credit card. We don’t need to be first, we just need to be the best.

Marketing a media

#1 Cannes Deconstructed – The best works from Cannes in one link.

 #2 Apple InteligenceApple sees generative AI as a commodity infrastructure that integrates deeply into their ecosystem instead of being presented as a separate product. 

#3 Inside Out 2 is the most successful movie of the year so farPixar’s “Inside Out 2” set a new record with $100 million in its second weekend in the U.S., taking its global profit to $724 million and becoming the highest-earning film of the year. Beating out “Dune: Part Two.” A big step for Pixar, which already needed bigger success. 

#5 Solo Dating is the new wellness trend  – Solo dating is the latest trend in wellness, showing the importance of self-love and independence.

#6 Future of PizzaNobell Foods has gathered a team of futurists, foodies and creatives to address a fundamental question: What will be the future of pizza in a warming world? Their “Pizza Futures” report dives deeply into how climate change threatens wheat, tomatoes and cheese, painting a vivid picture of our favorite pizza in best and worst scenarios. I love niche reports that illustrate the evolution of society through trivial items like pizza.

#7 Demographics of people who watch TV. 

#8 Future of Sport – A four-part series from Backlash and Dark Horses that delves into the transformative forces reshaping the world of sport, challenging traditional assumptions and presenting opportunities to rewrite the rules.


#1 Ultra-processed food and its influence to healthCecilia Nowell spent a week without ultra-processed foods to discover the challenges and benefits of this lifestyle. She found that although it is healthier, it is often impractical and expensive, especially for families.

#2 25 photos that defined modern times  – A group of experts came together to identify 25 photographs that most defined and influenced the modern era since 1955. Their selection, which includes both artistic and reportage photographs, highlights significant moments and themes such as civil rights, war, activism and self-identity. 

#3 TV writingThis page will be very interesting for TV fans, but is basically for people who want to turn their love for TV into something more practical. You can study scripts of existing shows, some of your old favorites, and many that never made it to air. You’ll learn what makes an episode successful, how to format a spec correctly, why a pilot episode failed, and how to write in four, five, or six acts. 

#4 Spreadsheet mastersAn elite group of analysts, actuaries and accountants gathered in Las Vegas for the Excel World Championship to showcase their mastery of this business software.

#5 Sedentary jobs killsA cohort study involving 481,688 individuals with an average follow-up of 12.85 years found that prolonged sitting at work is associated with a higher risk of total mortality (16%) and cardiovascular disease mortality (34%) compared to those who are predominantly non-sedentary.

#6 Diet for the planet  – Research based on decades of data from more than 200,000 U.S. health professionals showed that those who consistently followed the “Planetary Health Diet” had a 30% lower risk of all-cause mortality.

#7 It’s important to have your work BFF.