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#54 Connecting
the dots

Connecting the dots #54

Who are we doing this for?

It’s scary how often we must remind ourselves of this question in our industry.

Most debates end with “you are not the target group.” And, in fact, that’s where they should start.

Marketing and media

#1 Content is not the boss. Content and access to content have been strategic levers for tech. I’m not sure if that’s still true.

#2 M&M published an interesting survey about the attitude of the Czechs towards the planet and what they can sacrifice for the greater good.

#3 Keeping our minds active requires new information across all fields, from pop culture to business, technology, and psychology. Here are pretty exciting resources.

#4 The New York Times published the results of the first quarter of 2022. Wordle made a significant impact on the number of new subscribers. NYT continuously shows us how to transform your traditional business in the digital age. 👏🏻

#5 Gen Z can bring Tumblr back. Ancient functions and simplicity attract them. Brands like Netflix and Disney+ are already taking advantage of the “new” platform.


#1 Japanese anime is currently one of the most popular genres. One of the most interesting facts is that Japanese anime may be the world’s most enduring form of popular entertainment.

#2 Adding plants to your home isn’t always as easy as it looks. They can shrivel up and die. And even if they live, they might not look as good in your home as on Instagram. This article will help you with that.

#3 A beautiful, human-powered recommendation platform for discovering new music: “All music videos listed on the website have less than one million views on YouTube. When the video views exceed this limit, the video will be removed from the library. This way, the library will constantly evolve to feature less popular/underrated music videos.”

#4 60 ways to be at least a little happier. These are common ideas from the concrete to the abstract, like changing the font, listening to country music, or building a bird feeder.

#5 Painted streets save lives.

Popular content of the month: Cross-examination of Dr. Shannon Curry

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