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#91 Connecting
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Connecting the Dots #91

Top of show business

In my thesis, I discussed the topic of the decline of the automotive industry in Detroit, and whether it could happen in Slovakia as well. The unequivocal answer was that innovation can pull us through. This parallel also fits with what is now happening in show business. Big studios, nice and expensive entertainment have to fight the fact that young people spend most of their time on YouTube and TikTok. If you gave them a choice, they’d swap TikTok for Netflix in a heartbeat. This poses an interesting question for marketers: How do we meet this challenge and produce authentic content in a way that doesn’t make them look like dinosaurs in the smartphone era?

Marketing and media

#1 Kantar evaluated the most effective Super Bowl ads. I’m very pleased to see that humor is an emotion that brands build upon when it matters. Specifically, at $234,000 per second.

#2 Disney bought Epic studios. In a bold move for $1.5 billion, Disney and Fortnite sent their partnership into the stratosphere. They created a mega-universe where Mickey meets Master Chief.

#3 YouTube crossed the 100 million premium account user mark. YouTube is a real competitor to Netflix. YouTube makes up about 10% of all the material on our TVs globally. 

#4 Another week, another bit of news from the world of AI. OpenAI showed a new product – SORA. It generates video from a text prompt and the demos look incredible.

#5 Most young people are online nonstop. YouTube and TikTok dominate. Video captures the attention of young people most of all. The more relevant question for brands is whether it makes sense to produce one beautiful video per year. 

#6 1 in 5 people in the US believe the Taylor Swift conspiracies. Speaking of Taylor Swift, AdVenture calculated the value of Taylor Swift for the NFL and the Super Bowl as a whole.

#7 A nature agency has been formed. A cool idea indeed, and you can already find the first campaigns on the link provided.


#1 Most people in the world consume more protein than they need. The reason behind this fact are nonsensical protein-rich diets that neglect plant foods. This trend not only poses health risks, but also worsens environmental problems. Banana > a protein bar.

#2 How much longer will we keep breaking sports records? A chart by Julian Freyberg reveals the evolution of sporting records in different disciplines.

#3 Brands are jumping on a new trend – Ozempic friendly foods. Daily Harvest has introduced a new collection of meals tailored for GLP-1 users, such as Ozempic and Wegovy. 

#4 Spotify data shows how genre popularity and user composition is changing over time. Well processed data.

#5 People who like to spend time with themselves are fun to be around. Enjoying their company and prioritizing their needs is key to cultivating friendships and effectively supporting others.

#6 Scientists have discovered that people who use magic mushrooms have better sex.

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