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#61 Connecting
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Connecting the dots #61

What matters?

Attention spans are waning and everyone wants everything NOW. And it doesn’t just apply to our customers. We see brand campaigns being pushed to the sidelines and increasing pressure on performance campaigns. We will probably repeat ourselves, but even in a crisis we should not forget our brand communication, because according to many surveys, the brand’s survival depends on it.

Marketing and media

#1 How does a trend become a trend? It is preceded by several stages described by 8Ball.

#2 Greenwashing is experiencing the biggest BOOM ever. Proof of this is also a bunch of meaningless collaborations like this one. The fashion chain, which is characterized by cheap clothes and poor quality, introduced Kourtney Kardashian as its sustainability ambassador. Together, they decided to create a 46, yes, 46-piece capsule wardrobe.

#3 WARC Future of strategy report is here and with it a lot of new information. In it, you will learn, for example, which elements are important in branding (no, it’s not just about the logo), or what the optimal frequency of ads is.

#4 On this link you will find out why Scott Galloway would ban TikTok. By the way, the platform recently released a page with regional data… it just doesn’t include Slovak ones. However, if you were interested in how TikTok is doing in France or Italy, you can find out here.

#5 If you have a lump in your throat with every new term that takes over the internet, you don’t have to this time. Business Insider has rounded up everything you’ve ever needed to know about the magical Web3.

#6 KFC has a new quality inspector! The mini-story features someone who looks a lot like the Tinder Swindler. But I’m giving too much away, I recommend watching the video below.


#1 A non-alcoholic distillate is becoming increasingly popular across the big puddle. According to a Nielsen survey, demand for it increased by up to 33%. Will “non-alcoholic drinking” make a break through in our country too?

#2 We all know this… We want to follow the newsletter from him or her, sometimes read news from Google or Meta, sometimes just scroll through what news brands have. Week goes by and we have an inbox full of unread newsletters. This one should be enough for us – it maps more than 100 sources so that you can get the best possible information.

#3 I’ve always been interested in this. What happens to couples’ paid collaborations the moment they break up?

#4 I love to look at things from the opposite side. That’s why I was interested in the article You’re not scared of failing, you’re scared of succeeding, and maybe it will interest you too.

#5 We are such snakeswe lie to chatbots more often than to people.

#6 We have already told you twice in a row about the term “quite quitting” in the newsletter. However, employers are also keeping busy“quite firing” is coming.

Longer content worth reading: What really happened with Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase? Here is the evolution over time.

So that’s all for this week. See you next time.