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#87 Connecting
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Connecting the Dots #87

Out now: Director of Taste ’23 🔥

The second edition of our D.O.T. is out now at this link. We delve into the lives of older people, culture, health, zoomers, and happiness. Once again, we’ve examined these trends through the lens of indicators where we stand above or below the average of Europe or the world. We explored these trends in a qualitative study with our friends at Ipsos. Enjoy, friends.

Marketing and Media

#1 The Power of Advertising. Steve Hudson, an award-winning advertising creative (BBH, AMV, DDB), has created an exceptional platform called The Power of Advertising. In a series of short films, he combines 25 years of creative experience with storytelling about some of the most well-known campaigns of the last thirty years.

#2 Crocs are consistently on our feeds. A brand that has mastered the art of leveraging meme culture to go viral. They’ve had a fantastic year (again). Check out the timeline of how good contextual marketing is done.

#3 Hyundai to Begin Selling Cars Through Amazon. The consistent integration of various products has led us to cars. I’d like to see how it will work and the initial reviews from people. Would you buy an i30 through Amazon?

#4 The social network, originally known as Twitter, is facing another problem. Major media houses have halted advertising after Elon Musk’s controversial involvement. It’s being called a nail in the coffin for X. Elon showcases every day how a brand’s value can be eroded within a few months.

#5 President Biden is considering using TikTok for the next campaign. This move is exciting, given the longstanding tension between the U.S. government and this platform. However, the decision makes sense as many young people get their news exclusively from TikTok.

#6 I’ve always been curious about how Netflix creates its trailers. They have a search engine that can search through their entire library. More details on the link.

#7 You may have caught the drama surrounding OpenAI and Sam Altman. Here is a pretty clear timeline of events.


#1 Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a subscription on Facebook? This person went through it and wrote an entire article about the experience, so you don’t have to. I’m curious to see what revenue Meta will report from this activity.

#2 Microscopic view of snail jaws.

#3 4.5 billion years in 60 minutes. The complete timeline of life on Earth as an animated film! Each second represents approximately a million years of the planet’s evolution. I recommend this beautiful video for background at a house party or just to watch and study.

#4 The year 2023 is the year of memoirs and documentaries. Prince Harry, Britney, Beckham, Pamela, and Robbie, are all reminiscing about their better years. Perhaps we will remember 2023 as the year of memoirs.

#5 I always wanted my life to be narrated by David Attenborough. Now, it is finally possible.

#6 We should have a serious debate about breaks at the cinema.

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