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Prvok First 3D printed house

Job assignment / Goal

Create awareness and engage people into conversation about the first 3D printed house in Czech Republic, a cooperation of Buřinka and Scoolpt. To help present Buřinka as a modern, progressive brand.

Strategy / Insight

We started a discussion not only about Protozoa - the first Czech 3D printed house, but also about 3D printing technology in building generally. On a specific, literally concrete, project we showed how could modern technologies be used in building constructions and presented Buřinka as a proud partner supporting the project.

Creative solution

In a stale segment of savings companies, we differentiated Buřinka and prepared a unique, progressive project and communication concept that introduced Buřinka as a modern partner of today’s builders. As a result, 40% of Czech population spontaneously recalled the project and it’s association to Buřinka.

First 3D printed house